HACP Collagen Tripeptide

Jellice HACP (Collagen Tripeptide) is manufactured by unique enzymatic hydrolyzation of gelatin (patented).

The secret of our HACP is the active ingredient Gly-X-Y (tri-peptide) which is the smallest peptide of Collagen. After the unique hydrolyzation the molecular weight of the active ingredient Gly-X-Y is only 1/1000 of regular Collagen (300 kDa). Due to its small molecular weight it has very high bioavailability. HACP contains more than 90% of protein and the active ingredient is Gly-X-Y (tri-peptide) is more than 15% and is not found in other collagens. The absorption rate is 4-5 times more than other conventional Collagen Peptides.

HACP is a proven functional food and health supplement and finds applications in skin care and beauty products.

Characteristics of HACP

  • Active component collagen tripeptide Gly-X-Y ≥ 15%
  • Immediate absorption from intestine – 4 to 5 times faster than other conventional collagen peptides owing to low molecular weight.
  • Low dosage : 1-2 g per day.
  • Maintain healthy bone, tendon and ligament.
  • Promote bone growth and joint health.
  • Improve elasticity and moisture retention of skin.
  • 15 + years and 17 published studies.

Applications of HACP

HACP is a tripeptide which is easily absorbed in the human body. Due to its high solubility, it can be formulated into various forms like powder, granule, tablet, drink etc. Wide range of application includes :

  • Collagen supplementation for skin, hair, nail and beauty.
  • Collagen supplementation for health bone, tendon, ligament, joints etc.
  • Collagen supplementation for diet.
  • Nutritional support for elderly with low digestive function.
  • Sports Nutrition.