Gelatin is a multitalented natural ingredient which has countless applications. It is obtained through partial hydrolysis of collagen derived from animal bones and skins. It is a natural protein food consisting of 85% protein, 13% water and 2% minerals and is suitable for human consumption. It is a pure protein that gets easily digested and absorbed into the human body. Gelatin has numerous unique properties like gel strength, setting and melting temperatures and viscosity, which helps it to form a clear, transparent solutions, which gel when cooled and melt again when warmed. It increases viscosity , forms films on surfaces, is able to absorb large amount of water and functions as buffer. These unique properties makes Gelatin an ideal substance for an extensive range of applications which includes pharmaceutical application, edible application, technical application etc.

PJIPL offers different grades of Gelatin based upon customer requirements and applications :

  • Pharmaceutical Gelatin – Hard Capsules, Soft Capsules, Tablets, Gelatin sponges for surgeries, Plasma expanders – a substitute for blood plasma etc.
  • Edible Gelatin – sweets, baked foods, milk products, meat products, sausages etc.
  • Technical Gelatin – Photographic films, X-ray films etc
  • Other Applications – Adhesives, match industry etc.

PJIPL ensures that the Gelatin, manufactured at its state of the art facility in Cuddalore , meets the highest global quality and safety standards like Halal, Kosher, TSE/BSE, EDQM etc.