About Jellice

JELLICE Group is one of the top 10 Gelatin manufacturers in the world with headquarters in Sendai, Japan. Established in 1941, Jellice Group has 5 state of art manufacturing facilities across the globe, producing 15000 tonnes of gelatin annually. The location of our facilities are :

  • Pioneer Jellice India Pvt. Ltd. in Cuddalore, India.
  • Jellice Pioneer Europe B.V. in Emmen, The Netherlands.
  • Jellice China in Shangdong, China.
  • Jellice Pioneer Private Limited Taiwan Branch in Pingtung, Taiwan.
  • Jellice Co. Ltd.  in Sendai, Japan.

Pioneer Jellice India Pvt. Ltd

Pioneer Jellice India Pvt Ltd, is a joint venture company formed by Pioneer Asia Group and Jellice Co Ltd in 1991, with state of art manufacturing facility in Cuddalore, 200kms south of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Pioneer Jellice India Pvt Ltd (PJIPL) has an extensive product range which includes Gelatin for Pharmaceutical and food application, Jellice Collagen Peptides for joint health and skin beauty , Jellice HACP (Collagen Tri Peptide) for healthcare and beauty products, Di- Calcium Phosphate as poultry feed ingredient, Ossein for industrial application.

Mile Stones

1991 Formation of Joint Venture Company
1993 Commencement of Ossein manufacturing
1998 Capacity Expansion – Ossein and DCP
2002 Commissioning of Limed Ossein Plant
2003 Commencement of Limed Ossein exports
2007 Commencement of Gelatin project and subsequent manufacturing
2007 Company name changed to Pioneer Jellice India Pvt Ltd
2008 Incorporation of second manufacturing line


At PJIPL, we have an Integrated Management System Policy adhering to all major ISO standards and Halal Assurance systems.

CSR Activities